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Windham High School Graduation Rate Increases to 87.2%

WINDHAM, CT–April 11, 2017 According to Connecticut Department of Education reports, Windham High School graduation rate increased to 87.2% for the 2015-16 school year from its 81.1% rate for 2014-15.  This rate is nearly in line with the state’s overall graduation rate of 87.4% which Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy announced on Monday.

The high school’s graduation rate has increased 19.5% since 2011 when only 73% of students graduated.

“Our high school is graduating more students every year. I am proud of the hard work of Windham High School students, staff and parents,” says Dr. Patricia Garcia, Windham Public Schools Superintendent.

“Our initiatives with our high school team have included a district-wide attendance team, plus we have hosted several workshops for parents emphasizing the importance of attendance to success. We know that parents are our partners in education and we work to engage them all along the way,” says Dr. Garcia.  “Additionally, our students have benefitted from our advisory program.  We have put a laser focus on working with students so they understand the importance of graduating to ensure they have the best opportunities with college and career choices ahead of them.”

Windham School District, which includes students at the high school plus students outplaced at other schools for special needs instruction and other reasons, reported a 79.3% graduation rate in 2015-16, slightly down from the 80.8% rate in the previous year. The district, however, has improved its district-wide graduation rate 13% over 2011-12. The Governor’s office reported yesterday that the alliance Districts have increased graduation rates 7.1% compared to 2011.  The Windham School District’s total graduation rate exceeds the average 78.3% graduation rate of all Alliance Districts, the state’s 30 lowest performing school districts.

“We never want to backslide,” commented Dr. Garcia about the slight district-wide decline in graduation rates, “and now we need to analyze more closely what the factors are that are preventing some of our out-of-district students from graduating on time from programs that they are attending outside of Windham High School.”

Windham Public Schools is in its third year of implanting a five-year Strategic Plan called R.A.I.S.E Windham. The school district’s mission spells out that Windham Public Schools provide students equitable access to a high quality of education, and graduates students who are prepared to become productive members of society. 

“Our Mission, Vision and Theory of Action that we practice every day emphasize strong accountability practices based on data. Our vision also states that students who are engaged in their own learning, challenged by high expectations and supported by staff, family and community will graduate with the competence and confidence needed for success,” says Dr. Garcia. 

“The results we’re seeing in improved graduation rates at the high school shows our work is paying off, and that we’re headed in the right direction. This effort will bring high returns to our students and to our Windham community in the long run.   We’re changing and saving lives here.”