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Windham High School Feasibility Study June 2017

The Windham Board of Finance requested a study to determine the best scenario for the future of Windham High School and impact on taxpayers to sustain high school education. 


The Board of Education prepared the request for proposal and was involved with selection of the consultants and preparation with the questions.  The feasibility study looked at three options for the future of Windham High School.  This review was conducted by Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) and Friar Associates from January 2017 to May 2017.


As school districts across the country experience declining enrollments, large budget deficits, and deteriorating infrastructure, some are facing the tough decision as to whether to close, consolidate or renovate their schools in order to balance the budget and maintain a high quality of schooling.



The Windham Board of Education RFQ indicated that three options for the Windham high school students be considered, taking into account economic/social effects on Windham, tuition and transportation costs over time, and special education costs/needs. The feasibility study collected and analyzed qualitative and quantitative data in consideration of the following three options:

1. Renovate the Windham high school like new

2. Demolish parts of the Windham high school

3. Fully outsource all high school students and close Windham high school


PLEASE NOTE:  The chart below outlining estimated costs is updated from the chart Appendix VI High School Options found on page 16 of the June report. It reflects total estimated cost for options, and cost to Windham.  Figures are based on State cost-per-square foot estimates for school construction, not on actual bids.

At the Community Forum on July 12, Board of Finance Committee members requested the consultant group look at a fourth option:
4.  To build a new STEM high school adjacent to the exising gymnasiums/pool portion of Windham High School, leaving these athletic facilities intact, and demolish the rest of the existing high school.  
This chart below summarizes the costs of this option, including three phases to the project.