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Windham Public Schools - Budget Calendar

For Preparation of 2018-2019 Budget


Oct 10                   Meet with Superintendent to discuss calendar, process and approach                   

Oct 25                   Final Budget Calendar Presentation to Board                                                                                    

Oct 31                   Prepare transportation, tuition (regular & special education) budget                      

Oct 31                   Prepare utilities budgets


Oct 31                   Prepare maintenance budgets                                                                                                  

Oct 31                   Prepare capital improvement plan                                                                                                            

Oct 31                   Review enrollment figures                                                                                                           


Nov 6-17              Provide budget templates to administrators and central office departments


Nov 27-Dec 8     Administrators met with Superintendent to review school budgets and staffing plans                                                                                   

Jan 4-12                Submission of all completed budgets to Finance Department


Jan 10                   Meeting Finance & Audit Committee - capital improvement plan review                              

Jan 16-22             Work on Central Office Budgets with Departmental staff                                                             

Jan 16                    Superintendent's Budget Forum


Jan 31                    Superintendent's Budget Workshop #1                                                                                                 


Feb 9                     Finance sends administrators final school budgets to review and comment

                               Principals meet with SGC’s to review school budgets     

Feb 16                   Completion of draft budget book - send to BOE members                           

Feb 22   (5pm)    Meeting with Finance & Audit Committee - review draft budget book   

Feb 22  (6pm)    Superintendent's Budget Workshop #2                                                                                                

Feb 28                   Superintendent's presentation of budget to BOE along with capital plan                                               


Mar 12                  Superintendent's budget forum                                              

Mar 7                    BOE adoption of budget and capital plan                              

Mar 14 *              BOE budget presentation to Town Board of Finance


Apr 5                     Budget forum   


May 1 **             Town's Annual Budget Meeting - Formal Budget Presentation   

May                       Notice of referendum submitted to newspaper               

May ***              Referendum on budget               


*             By Town Charter by March 15                                                                                                    

**           By Town Charter - First Tuesday in May                                                                                                

***        By Town Charter - no later than 7 days after first Tuesday in May