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Information Technology » E-Waste Removal Bid Fall 2017

E-Waste Removal Bid Fall 2017

Windham Public Schools is currently accepting bids for the removal and recycling from e-waste from our schools.  Please see the documents below for more information.  Any questions asked will be posted here with their answers.
Q:  Are you looking for a bid offer to purchase the recycled material or a bid offer to charge for the removal of the material?
A:  We are open to both.  I realize this particular mix of assets include materials that generally generate revenue for us, as well as some that generally incur a fee for us to dispose of.  I am hopeful that we can generate some revenue for the district from the sale of these assets, but realize the winning bid may be a $0 bid or even incur a small fee for us.  The winning bid will be the bid that is most financially beneficial to the district.