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Windham High School Renovation » Next Steps on the Windham High School Renovation

Next Steps on the Windham High School Renovation

With the approval of Windham voters by referendum on November 7, the Windham High School Renovation Project proceeds.


  • Representatives of Windham Public Schools including a Board of Education member, Superintendent Garcia and other Planning and Design Committee members met with Connecticut Department of Administrative Services Office of School Construction Grants and Review staff on November 22 for a Conceptual Review meeting on the project. The education specifications were reviewed in detail.  This was the first scheduled meeting with the State on the proposed project.
  • On November 27, the district received a letter from the state indicating approval of the project and a reimbursement rate of 79.64%.
  • The state has capped the reimbursable cost of the high school project cost at $78,613,738 for the Board of Education offices, renovation of Windham High School and renovation to accommodate the Windham Early Childhood Center.
  • The project was forwarded to the State Bonding Commission on November 29.
  • The Town Council has selected a School Building Committee.  
  • Once appointed, the first order of business for this committee was to prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP) for architectural firms.  They will then review the proposals and then select an architectural firm.
  • The chosen architectural partner will work with the Building Committee to design the plans for the renovation to meet the educational specifications.
  • The committee will also select a construction manager who will oversee the project.
  • The design process is expected to take up to a year to complete, with opportunities provided for public input and comment along the way. Optimum timing would allow construction bids to be completed in time to begin renovation in 2019.