A Message from the Principal

Dear Students, Friends and Families,

Welcome to The Windham Phoenix Academy! The Phoenix Academy Alternative Program offers a personalized learning experience where students are empowered to re-engage in their educational journey, achieve their personal best, and strengthen their emotional, social and physical well-being. The Phoenix Academy offers a small, personalized environment where our staff are ALL IN, AT ALL TIMES, providing your child with a high degree of support. Students are welcomed into a safe, inclusive environment that fosters caring and respectful relationships. They are prioritized and remain at the center of our efforts.  

The Phoenix Academy maintains a collective focus on continuous growth, supporting and guiding students to further develop as lifelong learners, civic leaders, and future members of the workforce. In partnership with families and the greater Windham community, The Phoenix Academy continues to create relevant learning opportunities for students, both inside and outside of the classroom. These opportunities help our students develop the knowledge, skills, and character necessary for post-secondary success. All students at The Phoenix Academy are able to succeed and thrive, therefore being challenged to participate in applied experiences which support their post-secondary readiness and lifelong success.

As partners in your child’s education, we prioritize consistent communication between home and school, as it is through our collaborative efforts that we can maximize your child’s success. Throughout the school year, our staff will communicate frequently regarding your child’s academic performance, celebrations, events, etc. Should any questions arise, please feel free to contact us at (860) 771-4013.

Again, welcome to The Windham Phoenix Academy, and we look forward to our continued work together this school year! 

Matthew Harnett

Principal Matt Harnett