·         Does going to school fill you with dread?

·         Do you feel lost and overwhelmed in class?

·         Do you feel isolated from other kids in your grade?

·         Are you having a tough time focusing on or completing school assignments?

·         Do you feel like a square peg in a round hole?

You are not alone!

The phrase alternative education is often associated with students who are at risk and who display extreme misconduct.  However, Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines the word alternative as “different from the usual or conventional.” 

The Phoenix Academy understands that each student learns and grows differently. We've designed our program to support students who have the ability to thrive, but who require a different kind of setting in order to do so.

When educators look through a positive lens, they can associate alternative education with smaller classes, deeper student/teacher connections, intentional social and emotional interventions, and increased resources. It can be easy to overlook students who do not display adverse behaviors but who struggle internally, or just need something different from most students. Some students may need a change in setting to help shift their mindset and motivate them to achieve success.

We are not like any other school. We are dedicated to helping each student thrive in his or her unique way. At the Phoenix Academy, you will work with teachers, individually or in small groups, who focus on your individual needs. You'll work on projects that you define in small groups. You'll have the opportunity to explore your interests and passions, both at school and in authentic projects and experiences.

Phoenix Academy students have the freedom to explore and learn in their unique ways, up front and hands-on. In addition to the goal of earning a high school degree, you can participate in after-school programs and sports at Windham High School. The Phoenix Academy can help you develop and express your unique talents. We can help you define and pursue your passions and we will help you create a path to your future.