As of this early this morning, all Windham Public Schools have no phones or internet. Sweeney Elementary and Windham Middle School have no electricity. Thank you for your patience as our electric company is currently on-site working to resolve this issue. We will keep you updated of any changes.
5 months ago, Windham Public Schools
DIGITAL BACKPACK: FIND BACK-TO-SCHOOL LETTERS - Click on "Digital Backpack" in the header of our website at the very top to view back-to-school letters that were mailed districtwide ( Read the Welcome Letter from the Superintendent, read up on Transportation Guidelines, check out the school year calendar, and learn about the Community Eligibility Provision.
5 months ago, Windham Public Schools
digital backpack
Welcome to Windham Early Childhood Center's new website and mobile app!
7 months ago, Apptegy Admin