Every student, Every day, In Every Classroom:  Attendance Counts!

Windham Public School believes students must attend school today to achieve success tomorrow. The district works to take a proactive approach to minimizing absences and to assist families to understand the impact of absenteeism on achievement. 

The new Act Concerning Chronic Absenteeism defines a chronically absent child as one whose total number of absences at any time during the school year is equal or greater than 10% of the total number of days such student has been enrolled in school during that school year.

In order to optimize students attendance, Windham Public Schools has appointed Attendance Review teams in every school. These teams may include administrators, guidance counselors, school social workers, teachers and representatives from community-based programs who address truancy and attendance issues. Teams review cases of truant and chronically absent children, discuss school interventions and community referrals and make recommendations for such students and parents/guardians.

District Attendance Policy Summary English & Spanish