Equity and Multilingual Education

Beth-Ann Brunet
Director of Equity and Multilingual Education 

Amy Finsmith
Supervisor of Multilingual Education 

Angely Morales
Administrative Assistant of Equity and Multilingual Education 

Ayda Parra Rojas
Dual Language Specialist 

Sarah Rodriguez
Dual Language Specialist 

We are located in office 127.
Fax: 860.465.2576

ESOL Students

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Mission of the Equity and Multilingual Education
Department The Equity and Multilingual Education Department provides research-based, rigorous opportunities for students to learn new languages as a vehicle to become successful and productive members of a global, diverse society. Our goal is to ensure that all students graduate with high levels of academic achievement in more than one language and with high degrees of socio-cultural competence.

Vision of the Equity and Multilingual Education
Students in Windham Public Schools will have the linguistic skills needed to have high academic achievement, become biliterate, and have sociocultural competence.

Theory of Action
Providing research-based instruction in multiple languages to our students will help them achieve high levels of academic achievement, biliteracy, and sociocultural competence.