Health Services

Windham Public Schools recognizes that healthy students are more effective learners. This is why each school within the district is equipped with a Health Office, and staffed with skilled nurses who ensure all of our students receive the support they need to stay well and succeed during the school day. The Health Services team works to ensure that state-required health documentation for school enrollment is up-to-date, and maintained confidential, as well as fulfilling integral roles in the following areas:

  • Assessment of Sick Child

  • Hearing and Vision screenings

  • Postural Screenings

  • Medication Administration (as directed by parent and advanced care provider)

  • Health and Wellness Education

  • Chronic Disease Management in School

  • and Coordination of Care

Health Requirements for School Enrollment

The Connecticut State Department of Education requires current documentation of the following prior to public school enrollment:

  • Recent Physical Exam (required)

  • Updated Immunizations (required)

Additionally, your child may need:

  • Medication Administration Authorization - If your child requires prescription medication while in school (EpiPen, inhaler, daily medication, etc.), this form MUST be completed by both a parent and healthcare provider prior to medication drop-off.


  • Over-the-Counter Medication Administration Form- Complete and return to your school nurse if you would like your child to be given over-the-counter medications while in school, if needed, such as Tylenol or Motrin.

Below are the health forms that you will need to register your child at Windham Public Schools, as well as other forms that be relevant to your child's care while at school. If you have any questions,  please contact your school's nurse

Physical (required)

Immunizations (required)

Medication Administration

Physical Form- Grades K-12

Immunization Requirements

Prescription Medication Authorization Form (required if your child needs medication while at school)

Physical Form- Grades PK and Younger

Over-the-Counter Medication Permission Form


Health Screenings

Health screenings in school are required by the Connecticut State Department of Education, and an important early detection tool used by health services to ensure that students are set up for success in the classroom. Screenings are conducted by Health Services in accordance with state law using the schedule as follows:

  1. Physical: (performed by child's advanced healthcare provider) required prior to starting Kindergarten, 7th, and 11th grades

  2. Hearing: provided in school to students in Kindergarten, and grades 1, and 3-5.

  3. Vision: provided in school to students in Kindergarten, and grades 1, and 3-5.

  4. Scoliosis: provided to female students in grades 5 and 7, and to male students in grade 8.

For individual questions or concerns about Health Services, contact your school nurse:




Windham Early Childhood Center

(860) 465-2629

(860) 300-1205

Natchaug Elementary School

(860) 465-2385

(959) 929-0363

North Windham Elementary School

(860) 465-2405

(959) 929- 0402

W. B. Sweeney Elementary School

(860) 465-2425

(959) 929- 0406

Windham Center Elementary School

(860) 465-2445

(959) 929- 0386

C. H. Barrows STEM Academy

(860) 465-2610

ext. 4611

(959) 929- 0349

Windham Middle School

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Windham High School

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(959) 929- 0322

Windham Phoenix Academy

(860) 771-4013

(860) 300-1205

Kayleigh Marler, RN, District Nursing Supervisor

P: (860) 771- 4013, ext. 13027

F: (860) 300- 1205