Mission and Vision

Mission: Windham Public Schools provides all students equitable access to a high quality education and graduates students who are prepared to become productive members of society. The school district and community hold a commitment to support cultural and linguistic diversity, deep student engagement, and the pursuit of lifelong learning that will support our students' success in college, career and life.
Vision: Every student will be deeply engaged in his/her own learning, challenged by high expectations, supported by staff, family, and community, and will graduate with the competence and confidence needed for success.

Core Beliefs

  • All students can achieve.

  • It is the duty of our organization to provide ALL students with opportunities and access to resources to develop their full potential.

  • Strong teaching and learning are a foundation for successful schools.

  • The entire staff is valued as a key component to the success of our organization.

  • Parents of our students are our partners in helping us develop lifelong learners who grow up to be productive citizens.

  • A rich and diverse community enriches us and strengthens our students with 21st century skills.

  • Our responsibility is to remove all barriers to success.

Theory of Action

If we ensure high quality, culturally-relevant instruction in every classroom, strong hiring practices, high levels of support for teachers, strong accountability practices based on data, courageous leadership, and effective engagement with families and community, then student achievement will improve, more students will perform at or above grade level, and achievement gaps will improve or disappear.