Public Information

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We are located in Office 128A. 

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This is an exciting time for Windham Public Schools. Our students and staff are working extremely hard. Great things are happening in and outside of our school buildings, and we are thankful for the support of the community, staff, parents, and students.

We are creating a system of high performing, effective schools that is improving teacher and leader quality, diversity, and retention. We are also improving instruction for all students, increasing parent and community involvement and support, and removing barriers to high performance.

The Public Information Office serves schools, central offices, and the community by supporting the development and delivery of clear, timely, and accurate information about the Windham Public Schools. We're sharing the successes of our students and staff and bringing you into our classrooms through social media, district and school websites, and the official community and staff newsletters of Windham Public Schools.

Print and broadcast media also play an important role in helping the district communicate with its community. This office serves as the first point of contact for reporters seeking information for a story. We distribute weekly media advisories of events, activities and accomplishments.