School Governance Councils Support Student Success

Thank you to everyone that nominated SGC members this year. Voting is currently closed for the 2020-21 school year. 

The State Education Reform Law (Public Act 10-111) passed by the legislature in 2010 and signed by the Governor includes provisions for School Governance Councils.

Purpose: School Governance Councils (SGC) provide an unprecedented opportunity for stakeholders in Connecticut schools to craft a productive collaboration to support student success. The intent of councils is to enable parents, school staff, students (where appropriate), and community leaders to work together to improve student achievement in the state’s lowest-performing schools.

Membership: School Governance Councils are intended to represent the diverse interests of the families and staff that make up the school community. To that end, every effort must be made to engage broad participation in the council election process.  An SGC shall include parents or guardians, teachers, community members, principal, and students (at high school SGCs only.)

Please consider being nominated, or nominate someone who you think would serve our students well! The nomination period occurs in the first weeks of school each year.

Are you interested in becoming involved in supporting student achievement in Windham Public Schools? During the month of September & October nominations are open for parents, teachers, and community members to be elected to Windham Public Schools' School Governance Councils (all schools except C. H. Barrows STEM Academy).